You probably have some general questions about this website and the photos. We will answer some that you may have:

Q: When and where were these photos shot?

A: Most of the photos where shot over the last decade in various places in California and Canada. Some very different locations may be mixed in.

Q: What were the circumstances that made the shooting of these photos possible?

A: Organizer and photographer "Nomad" has been arranging these gatherings since well before 2010 as the project "PhotoNaturals". He would spend months gathering contact information from prospective participants, then organize shoot days and find out who was available on the various days with trips to different locations. Some participants would also shoot photos. Nomad is the owner of this stock photo website and all the photos.

Q: Have all these people in the photos really completed release forms allowing this photo use and licensing?

A: Yes all participants were required to complete both online agreements and paper agreements on the day of shooting. The agreements stated all possible uses in all territories in perpetuity and further stated that if they shot photos the copyright is transferred. All documentation is well catalogued.