Licensing Conditions
Please do not let the following conditions scare you off. If you are a legitimate Naturist business and/or your intention is in line with the positive philosophies of body-freedom, we will recognize that and expedite your needs.

The purchase of a license from us for a particular photo is precisely limited to a specific use in an approved circumstance and only for that one specific circumstance unless we otherwise approve a variation.

A license is non-exclusive, which means that we can continue to license the same photo to other parties. If you wish to obtain an exclusive license, we will consider your case - please contact us by email.

Making a payment to purchase a license does not immediately grant you a license and we reseve the right to refund the purchase and deny issuing a license if we feel the intended use of the photo is inappropriate or negative.

While making the purchase you will be asked to provide a website address and a short description of your intended use of the photo. After the purchase there will be a more involved exchange of emails establishing the details we require to grant your license and then further, provide you with download links.

It is possible to become an "approved" customer, in which case you will be able to make a purchase and immediately download the photo file. You will still be required to provide details of use after which you will receive your text license.

Term: In perpetuity for the one use originally granted. No re-use, re-publication is permitted

Territory: World

Allowance Requirements:

Photo use is for presentation on a website or in print media in a single placement. All other media is subject to evaluation and approval. Typically your media will depict a "bona fide" naturist, nudist, bodyfreedom rights, protest, or artistic theme.

Credit - Some form of credit should appear with the photo use, "photo provided by" and/or a link. Size and position can be negotiated taking into account of the particular use.


Photo may not be used in a video, film, or movie, phone/tablet/computer application without a specific arrangement with us.

Photo may not be used within a website or magazine who's primary purpose is to present photo galleries to paying customers. If in doubt, you can ask us to review.

Photo may not be used in a context that is, or may be construed to be, for the purpose of sexual gratification, or the sexualization of the people in the images.

Photo may not be used as part of a consumer product.

Photo may not be used in a negative context, for example a criticism of social, public, or outdoor nudity.

Any of the above restricted uses found by us entitle us to terminate the license with immediate effect.